Stubby Holders

We can make stubby holders for nearly every occasion:

We pride ourselves on making excellent Stubby holders, and we have spent nearly 20 years perfecting making stubby holders.

We have moved along way from the old screen printing, one colour boring stubby holders of the past. We can now put just about anything you like on your stubby holder, from photos and text, to patterns, hundreds of background colours and thousands of different fonts.

Printing your design onto a Stubby CoolerPrinting

We use sublimation ink printing, which gives us that power to be able to print anything you like onto stubby holders. The images are printed onto white paper, and trimmed by hand to gives us a printed piece of paper, that is exactly stubby holder size.

Sublimating ciopies your images onto the Stubby CoolerSublimating

The images are then heat transferred onto highest quality neoprene. The colours come out pretty close to what you can see on your computer screen. Perfecting the techniques and timings, as well as the colour information has taken us some time, but we got there, making sure your coolers are of the best quality.

Stitching makes a sturdy stubby holder Stitching

All our stubby holders are stitched together, using quality threads and materials. You cannot sew bad neoprene properly, so many cheap and nasty stubby holders are just glued together. Using high quality materials = high quality stubby holders. We use 5mm neoprene, which keeps your drink cooler for longer, and making the final product be able to be used over and over again.


A stubby holder base is fittedOur stubby holders come standard with a base in the bottom, making your stubby holder stand up properly, as well as increasing the thermal effects of your cooler. There are a few people who dont like bases in their stubby holder, and thats okay too, just let us know when you order your stubby holders.

Ian and Veronica Paterson have been managing this business for many years, with the company making stubby holders for over 20 years. We are a family owned company, that insist, wherever possible to keep their dollars right here in Australia.